Vote Tarece Johnson

Gwinnett County 
School Board - District 5

The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE.

The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE. The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE. The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE.

District 5 is the most culturally diverse area in Gwinnett County.  The leader of this community must be able to represent the PEOPLE, understand THEIR needs and work towards REAL CHANGE that will support a better, more safe, and prosperous life for each person.


"Hold Fast to Dreams"

The words to the poem Hold Fast to Dreams by Langston Hughes have always moved, touched and inspired me to never give up… to persevere, to be tenacious and to dream fearlessly. 

I believe education is the key to achieve our dreams… it is the foundation to enhance and build sustainable communities. I am committed to dedicating my skills, knowledge, and abilities to make a difference. My broad range of skills and experiences are utilized to develop strategies, policies and procedures, and create a stronger educational experience for our community. I believe strong teachers, administrators, and parents can all make a difference (individually & collectively). 

I also believe one person can influence the path of one child and possibly an entire class and community.

The mentors and teachers in my life made a difference for me… they believed in and encouraged me. I owe much of my success today to the people who took the time, to “SEE” me. 

I “SEE” children and appreciate how they learn in distinct ways and respect their creativity. I am also a product of public school and educational / youth development programs, therefore I know the value of these programs and the positive impact they may have on a community. I am passionate about embracing the uniqueness of each child and helping them evolve into beautiful, glorious, and powerful people. 

I focus on personal achievements, academic excellence, social development, attainment basic personal needs (food, clothes, safety, & housing), and self-awareness to effectively develop the whole child. 

My aim is to encourage our educational / communal system (administrators, staff, students, parents & community) to help students learn and evolve into greatness, achieve excellence in everything, embrace who they are, and to create unlimited possibilities.

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Curriculums must be practical and provide students with life skills to be effective contributors to society. Curriculums should be reviewed and updated to reflect current and future relevance. Curriculums should engage students in technlogy, coding, character building, and trade skills. One of our goals as educational leaders is to help prepare our youth to be future world leaders, we must examine what is needed, research futuristic ideas, and ensure relevant lessons to effectively prepare our students for lifelong success. 


Student voices matter and they should be engaged and empowered to provide input regarding their preferences and learning experiences. Students should be assessed, surveyed, and participate in courageous conversations to help enhance their educational experiences. Students should be heard, valued, and respected. Their perspectives and active engagement are invaluable to ensure they can achieve their personal goals, have their needs met, and feel fully supported by their teachers, administrators, and parents. 


Curriculums should represent the diversity of the community, nation, and world. Lessons should be culturally representative to embrace and celebrate multicultural people. Representation matters, not just in administration, teachers, and students, but also authors and curriculum developers. Curriculums, library books, and other educational resources should purposefully engage contributors who reflect the diversity of the community. 


Curriculums that are respectful of differences demonstrate value for diversity. When readings, assignments, projects, and teaching are respectful, students feel honored and they are more engaged in the learning process. Consciously ensuring that all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, etc. are respected in lessons and activities is critical to student self-concept and student achievement. Teaching about respecting differences should be intentionally taught as a separate class (ethnic / multicultural studies) and also seamlessly embedded in the curriculum, lessons, and activities. Helping students develop moral consciousness and character will ensure they are prepared to be effective and respectful when managing people who are different.


Curriculums should include a variety of resources to address various learning styles, interests, and abilities. Curriculums that embrace differences and allow for flexible and innovative learning and teaching are important to capture individual student needs. Financial resources to support teachers, curriculum implementation (materials & supplies), and classroom environment are also critical to ensuring quality learning. Resources should also be dedicated to include language learning, translations for parent communications, and interpretation services to effectively and inclusively engage the diverse people of Gwinnett County. 


Relaxed curriculum does not mean that grades or results don’t matter, but it is more about focusing on the individual learning process and consistent academic progress, and less on strict standards that do not engage the cultural and academic needs of the student. Relaxed curriculums should engage in flexible and creative activities including yoga & meditation, flexible seating, outside classrooms, gardening, exploration of trades, etc. Students should also not be stressed and experience anxiety because of the pressures of grading, scores, and rankings. They should instead learn how to manage high academic expectations in innovative ways. Teaching students about mental health and helping them to build the skills they need to be more relaxed will not only help them throughout their school experience, but also later on in life. 


Curriculums must address historical truths and provide facts that are developmentally appropriate. Curriculums should honestly represent a variety of narratives and provide multiple perspectives. Curriculums should also be realistic. They should incorporate the lived experiences of the students so youth may identify with their learning. 



What matters to you, matters to me.

Gwinnett is indeed great!

My family and I live in Gwinnett County (District 5) and we love all that our area has to offer from great restaurants, to good schools, to an eclectic environment of individuals from all over the world. I want to work with the people of Gwinnett to continue to make our county great! I want to serve the residents of District 5 to improve educational experiences and make sure we are empathetically meeting the unique needs of our students. I want every student and all of our public schools to achieve excellence.


School stakeholders sustain our community.

Supporting, communicating, investing in, sharing, and working together will strengthen our community and build better schools. 

* I want to work with businesses, community leaders, school administrators, activists/advocates, and elected officials to invest in improving quality of life, opportunities, and economic equity. Stakeholders strategically partnering with parents, students, and teachers will ensure a more holistic approach to overall student achievement. I want our diverse community to thrive and contribute to the economic power in Gwinnett. 


Learning languages and cultures create greater connection, appreciation, respect, and awareness of others.

Effective communication creates better understanding and empathy. It builds a stronger, more united community of culturally diverse people. 

* My fluency in several languages and exposure to multiple cultures enable me to communicate with people, hear their voices, understand their concerns, and respond with solutions that meet their needs. 

I speak Spanish and basic French and I am also learning Mandarin and Hebrew. I hope to continue to improve my multilingual fluency to enable me to more effectively communicate and represent the multicultural community I will serve. 


A leader not only represents, but advocates.

There is no better representation than one who will stand when you cannot stand and voice your concerns when you cannot speak.    

* As a public administration and diversity inclusion specialist, my set of skills and experiences enable me to relate to all groups of people, develop strategies for the issues that matter to them, and produce results that can be realistically achieved.  I have earned global education, traveled the world, and gained experiences that provide me with perspectives from people of various walks of life.  I try to truly listen, see, and understand the needs of the community. 


Leadership really means providing a greater service.

Reaching the people and gaining awareness is necessary to unite and create a better community.

I am an advocate for education and economic equity. As an activist, published author, and consultant, I aim to be a leader in our community and to make an indelible difference. I hope to continue to work in community development to ensure all stakeholders are united in solidarity for the common purpose of student achievement. As an empathic intuitive leader, I aim to engage others to build better communities. 

Below are my leadership experiences: 

* Creator, The Global Purpose Approach (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice Organization)

* Founder, Global Purpose Academy (A Multicultural/Multilingual International School)

* Co-founder, Multicultural Jewish Alliance (Voice, Support, and Advocacy for Multi-Cultural Jews)

* Co-founder, Peninsula International Academy in Placencia, Belize, Central America

* CEO, Beauty & Glory (Ethnic Hair & Skin Products)


Knowledge & experience empower us to make good decisions for our future.

Years of formal education, research, training, and work experience have enabled me to develop strategic solutions to sustain student success. I have learned from life. I have grown from my mistakes and they have served as valuable lessons to be/do better. 

I believe leaders should be authentic, empathetic, work with integrity, and operate in truth. My truth is that striving to achieve the "American Dream" should not come with the burden of educational debt. High school students should be educated and supported in the best way possible to create a realistic path to success after graduating from 12th grade. Students should be educated early about financial investments, wealth attainment, and educational investment options that will ensure a more stable economic future. 

The degrees I earned below represent my personal investment in my education (and my debt):

* EdD, Capella University - Educational Leadership and Management 

* MPA, Columbia University - Public Administration

* MBA, Emory University - Marketing

* BA, Universidad del Sagrado Corazon - Humanities, Languages & Literatures

* Diploma, Ross Sterling High School for Aviation Sciences


Investing in equitable education with empathy ensures excellence.

School funding is one of the most critical factors for students to have successful educational experiences.


* I am a parent who is determined to provide the best education for my children. There are parents who have to make tough decisions about where to live, who to live with, and which school their child will attend in order to provide the best learning experience for their most precious person(s). Some parents consider all of the choices they have and pursue them to ensure their child’s academic achievement. Parents should not be criminalized and/or condemned for wanting the best education for their child. Parents should not be held bondage to a system that fails to provide for their child, for this reason I WILL WORK FOR FAMILIES TO BUILD ON AND INVEST IN EXCEPTIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS. 

* I promise to work diligently to fight for EVERY student to attend quality public schools that will meet their individual and family needs. 

* I understand the dynamics of overall economic inequities, structural oppressions, disinvestments, and unequal opportunities that contribute to depressed communities and families struggling to thrive. As a single mom, I know what it feels like to manage work, life, lack of resources, stress/anxiety around meeting your children's basic needs, while still making sure your children are progressing academically.

* Systemic inequities impact the individual, family, community, and schools. I am acutely aware of the interconnected and intersectional issues that impact property values, safety/security, housing, and school rankings. I will dedicate myself to continuously learning and understanding the needs of the community to create better schools. 

* I will purposefully work with the members of the school board, administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders as a team with the common goal: to support student success in PUBLIC SCHOOL.  

I will passionately and productively do what I can to improve the PUBLIC schools where children are zoned. I hope for parents to want to send their children to their neighborhood/zoned public school because it is indeed the VERY BEST CHOICE.