Vote Tarece Johnson

Gwinnett County 
School Board - District 5

The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE.

The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE. The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE. The time for CHANGE is NOW! Help us make a DIFFERENCE. Vote for TARECE.

About Dr. tarece


My Family

I am a single mom with two children. I am originally from Houston, Texas. I have three sisters (one deceased) and five step-brothers. My mother and father divorced when my sisters and I were very young. They are still alive and residing in Texas. At various points in my life I was raised by my single mother, my single father, and my paternal grandmother.  I attended public school (K - 12) and graduated from Ross Shaw Sterling High School in 1995. 


My Education

I graduated high school with honors and moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico to attend La Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. I graduated Cum Laude and earned a BA with a concentration in Humanities: Languages & Literatures (English, Spanish & French). In 1998, I relocated to New York City to attend Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs. In 2000, I earned an MPA with a concentration in Community Development.

In 2011, I earned an MBA from Emory University with a concentration in marketing research. After a few years of working in education and earning other certificates (Director’s Certification, CDA, and other training), I decided to pursue another advanced degree in the field of education. In 2014, I completed my Ed.D. coursework and by the end of 2016, I finalized my capstone project and report. I officially graduated from Capella University with an Educational Leadership and Management degree in early 2017. My Ed.D. focus included multicultural and multilingual education. I earned certification in Educational Leadership (301) from the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE). I also achieved a GACE certificate in Ethics for Educational Leadership (307).   


My Work History

From 1999 to 2012, I worked at the Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corporation (‘99), Administration for Children Services (’99), Merrill Lynch (’99 – ‘00), JP Morgan Chase (’00 – ’02), New York City Fire Department (’02 – ’05) and AGL Resources (’05 – 12). 

I worked in various leadership roles with functional experiences in community development, diversity, consulting, human resources, business development, and marketing. In 2003, I became an entrepreneur as the owner of Dream Events (event planning business). In 2009, I launched Beauty & Glory (natural hair/body product line). 

In September of 2011, I started a small non-profit private international school, Global Purpose Academy to create innovative multilingual and multicultural experiences to empower children to be international explorers, to develop a love for learning, to thrive in a global environment and to achieve excellence in all they do.  After earning my EdD, I wrote a book and started a consulting business called, The Global Purpose Approach (loosely based on my graduate cap stone project and report). 


Why Vote for Dr. Tarece

I have leadership, management, and administrative experience in education, multiculturalism, equity, diversity inclusion, and social justice.  I am a hands-on leader with the ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.  The following skills differentiate me from other candidates:

1) I have significant educational leadership, operations management, teamwork, marketing, integrated communications, and strategic planning experience. 

2) I have exceptional education leadership skills. I led and worked on a team to create The High School for Fire and Life Safety in Brooklyn, NY. I founded and lead Global Purpose Academy and The Global Purpose Approach. I also co-founded and currently serve on the board of Peninsula International Academy (located in Placencia, Belize). I also co-founded Multicultural Jewish Alliance (a social group comprised of multicultural Jews in the southeastern United States.)

3) Effectively connecting institutions and the community are essential to the success of any organization. Therefore, I focus my efforts on developing internal and external relationships through communication, authentic service, and collaboration. 

4) My commitment to leadership, diversity, and humanity are depicted through my actions. I live a life of respect, kindness, integrity, empowerment, objectivity, ethics, professionalism, and teamwork. I believe in always doing the best I can do to make a positive and indelible impact in the lives of others. 

5) The day-to-day leadership work I do demonstrates my core passion for global citizenry, culture, education, morality, innovation, and stakeholder engagement. 

6) I am an activist, advocate, self-published author, self-taught artist, and poet. I published Ahava Soulful Shabbat Meditations, Butterflies in Fields of Corn, Global Diversity Haggadah and Resilient Hope (currently writing Freedom Dreams). I also developed a methodology and published a multicultural social studies resource supplement for teachers  (K – 12): The Global Purpose Approach

I am committed to making a difference, for this reason my dedication to multiculturalism, history, and education are reflected in my transformational and innovative leadership style of producing results.  I believe my passion, purpose, experiences, education, interests, knowledge, skills and abilities will allow me to make immediate contributions on Gwinnett County's School Board. 

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you. 

If you live in District 5 (Gwinnett County), please vote for me.